Songwriter/Singer: Melodies Soul Stories AKA Melany Scroggins - Producer: Poetiq Beetz, Co-Producer/Engineer/Guitarist: Daryl Youngblood, Bassist: Rich O'Brien, Trumpet :Kevin Hendrick

I write from my own life experiences as it is familiar to me. I was born in Houston, TX and raised in Humble, TX.  I was introduced to music at the age of (4) four by my late father Albert Drake as he was the first songwriter, singer, played keys , and bass guitarist  that inspired me musically. My father's talent grabbed my young ear and inturn influenced me to try music. Music is truly apart of me. I come from a family of singers/songwriters as my aunts and uncles, none of which are famous, are not shy when it comes to sharing their gifts! I am a songwriter/singer that chooses to express the lyrical gift in all genres as writing/singing is truly an art/gift from God. "A man's gift makes room for him, and brings him before great men" (Prov. 18:16).
I began writing since I was (12) twelve years of age. I sang in the school choir, and some groups while in school. Also I was a former Praise and Worship singer/choir member in the local church, and also in a Gospel Group called the “Gold City Singers” local televised show in Houston (Gospel Star search) in the early 2000’s. I have over fifty songs copy written and registered with the Library of Congress, (ASCAP Member) to date spanning from Jazz, Pop/Rock/Alternative, World, Neo-soul, Gospel, Contemporary Christian, Country, and Big Band! I am eclectic to say the least and I love music that touches the soul! Songs with substance should be shared throughout the world in all genres!
I am a Songwriter above all, open to writing for other Artists, currently an Indie Artist working on a CD project that will showcase some of my abilities.
I believe that songs with substance are not only experiences that we go through, songs evangelize to our hearts, souls, minds, body, and spirits  connecting each of us around the globe individually as well as collectively.  More songs to come displaying my "Unique Style and Abilities" Please check  my website periodically for updates!